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What is Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award?

Awarded by co-presenting sponsors FEI Canada, PwC and Robert Half, Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award, is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to business in Canada through vision and leadership, corporate reporting and performance, social responsibility, innovation and business complexity.

Is there any nomination fee for Canada's CFO of the Year™ Award program?

There is no entry fee to participate in Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award program.

Who is eligible for this award?

Those with the title of Chief Financial Officer or Head of Finance that have been in their current role for at least the last two years are eligible to receive the award. Nominees may work for a publicly listed, privately owned or public entity headquartered in Canada.

Can a previous nominee be nominated again?


Can a previous winner/company win again?

There is a 10-year grace period before another CFO from a winning company can be considered for the Award.

How do I nominate a CFO for this award?

Click here to visit the nomination page.

Who will be judging the entries?

A distinguished Selection Committee will review each entry for Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award.

How will I know if my nomination has been received and processed?

Upon receipt of a completed nomination, the nominator will receive confirmation of receipt from Robert Half. Included in this communication will be a timeline outlining the selection process and dates at which nominators will be contacted about the status of their nomination. Should a nomination be made by a group of individuals, please indicate a lead point of contact on the online Nomination Form.

How will the award recipient be notified?

The nominee selected as Canada’s CFO of the Year™ will be notified of their status by telephone. The nominator will also be notified of the nominee’s status at this time. Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award asks that this information be held in confidence until the designated official announcement of the Award’s recipient.

What will the award recipient receive?

The winner will receive an award and $5,000 contribution to the charity of their choice. The winner will also be the guest of honour at a gala reception, their accomplishments will be highlighted on Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award website and participating sponsors’ sites, and in The Globe and Mail following the gala. A news release announcing the 2016 Canada’s CFO of the Year will also be issued.

How recent should submitted initiative be to be considered for this Award?

Broadly speaking, the Selection Committee seeks to identify and reward the CFO who has had the greatest impact on their organization’s performance during the last 12 to 24 months.

Can in-process initiative be submitted?

Only initiatives that have measurable results can be submitted for consideration. If a project is a multi- step endeavour, accomplishments for individual steps may be entered provided that results are available.

What will be done with all the information submitted?

The information submitted as part of the Award process will be collected by Robert Half and kept in the strictest confidence. Please see the Confidentiality section.

How do you ensure the independence of the selection process?

The Selection Committee is comprised of an independent group of some of Canada’s top business professionals. All sponsors and associated organization named in support of Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award operate independent of the Selection Committee and its processes.